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50 reviews is a web platform that amplifies about the tourist destinations, creative, technological news of Pakistan. we also are performing on adding articles about the present affairs of the planet .

AS per slogan “READ the planet TODAY”. our aim is to form 50 Reviews a Pakistan’s first-ever website which will contain the knowledge of the entire provinces, districts, and cities of Pakistan. Also InshaAllah our website are going to be the primary website which will collect complete tourist guide information of each tourist destination of Pakistan and therefore the world at one platform.

We try to inform THE UNIQUE STORY
You know there are many other websites that are posting about news and current affairs then why 50Reviews? Here is that the reason why you’ll visit us. Our young and passionate writers will tell you the deep and behind the scene story of each news. Our team consists of highly qualified youngsters who skills to inform the story to viewers.

Our Future Plans:
In the future, we are performing on adding special block about motivational and freelancing courses. We also are performing on adding articles on current affairs which can be fruitful for CSS students. we’ll also write on the history of great leaders and historical places.

we can’t do that alone. Join us during this Movement to Explore the planet. if you’re a writer and need to publish your article on our website then you’ll contact us.

We hope you enjoy our products/services the maximum amount as We enjoy offering them to you. If you’ve got any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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